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Feng Shui in the Workplace

“The ultimate wisdom is achieving more with less effort and finding pleasure from everything you do.” (Aristotle Ethics 2001)

While at work have you ever been unable to stay focused or overwhelmed by all the tasks piling up? I’m assuming most of you have. Energy levels are quickly influenced by environments and often become depleted well before closing time. A simple solution to increasing energy and productivity is incorporating Feng Shui into your workplace.

Feng Shui is a practice of arranging physical objects to attract positive energy and move Chi. Chi is the universal life force energy in us all; this energy creates a clear mind, smooth thought process, and overall improves your well-being.

Your surroundings have a profound impact on your Chi. In this society we spend a lot of our day at work, having this space to be able to recycle positive energy is crucial for our performance. By adjusting the energy flow in your space, you will maintain higher levels of personal energy which will in turn increase productivity. Feng Shui can help you identify stress points in your environment and eliminate them. 

Most people would agree their desk is the most important item in the work space; which can get cluttered easily. In Feng Shui, your desk location and objects on your desk are the most influential factor for energy flow.

The Commanding Position is when your desk is placed so the entrance and most of the room is in your field of vision. This position is ideal for a successful work environment because you are able see opportunity coming your way and more opportunities will find their way to you.   Sitting with your back to the door can cause psychological vulnerability and hesitation about your work.

The Commanding position will eliminate energy being blocked by a wall in front of you and prevent your Chi from floating out a window. If moving your desk to face the entrance is not an option, try placing a small round mirror in front of you to reflect the entrance. This will help cycle your Chi and ideas throughout the room. 

Clutter represents places where energy is stuck and can’t move forward. Aim to have at least 50 percent of your desk clear at all times to promote a clear path for energy to flow. If you need certain documents readily available, organize them in folders so they are not overwhelming your desk. Try setting a goal for yourself where every morning you remove clutter from your work space. (Gallops 2018)

A Bagua Map is used in Feng Shui for organization. This map can help you arrange your desk in the most beneficial way. The Bauga map represents 9 life areas to value or improve. Focus on 3 priorities and organize your desk to promote these areas in your life. (Shoemaker 2015)

1.Increase: The back left corner of the desk represents prosperity. Target this space to attract money and abundance. Consider placing a valuable item in this corner.

2. Achieve: In the back center you’ll find the space for your personal reputation and achievements. Place business cards, a nameplate or highlights of your accomplishments.

3. Focus: The back right corner is to promote love. Place a fresh flower to represent the beauty in life or a photo your special someone here to keep your relationship in mind.

4. Promote: A community, allow the left center of your desk to create a welcoming space for your work family. A photo of the group fits well on the left center of the desk. A wood frame will also enhance the energy of this space.

5. Balance: There are a few ways to promote a healthy balance while working. Keep the center area free of clutter to attract good flowing energy. You can place a note to yourself as a reminder to take short breaks throughout the day. This will help reduce stress and maintain focus.

6. Create: Place a notepad to increase creativity to the right center; this will boost the flow of new ideas and visions.

7. Seek: If you are struggling to learn new material, focus on the front left corner of the desk. Place a reference book, training to improve skills or pictures of someone you believe is wise or intelligent.

8. Identify: Front and center is the career space. Keep this spot free of clutter. Include affirmations or motivational quotes in this space to encourage hard work and success.

9. Interact: If you’re in need of personal interactions instead of looking at a screen all day, focus on the front right section. This is a good spot to put a phone, a day planner for meetings or photo of a vacation or friends.

Organize your desk following the Bauga Map and aim to create an office that inspires you to manifest progression and success by removing anything that is no longer useful. You will start to notice an improvement with productivity and achievements at work and in your life.


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Article Written by Linda Williams, 9/2018



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